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Joe Sacks

Southern California native, Joe Sacks, first developed his appreciation for nature & the outdoors during an 18 year stint with the National Ski Patrol. The beauty and serenity he found in the backcountry was transformative and led him to somewhat of a spiritual awakening. It was during this time that he began studying the martial arts of Ninjutsu & Tang Soo Do as a way to further his mental, physical & spiritual development. In the process of earning multiple black belts, he cultivated a deep appreciation for many Asian traditions and his passion for the ancient art of Bonsai began. Simply put, the trees spoke to him. 


For over 25 years, bonsai has served as the primary medium of his artistic expression. He has expanded his body of work now to include his own eclectic hand-formed pottery, Chinese calligraphy and local organic elements found in and around his Carpinteria home. His unique living & organic sculptures reflect his continued reverence for Asian cultures and the natural world. 


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